In-House Counsel "On The Go"

The Goodheart Firm has developed a modern and unique In-House Counsel “On The Go” service to represent individual entrepreneurs and businesses. In-House Counsel “On The Go” provides entrepreneurs and businesses with the benefits of an In-House Attorney without its financial burden. The Goodheart Firm’s In-House Counsel “On The Go” service meets the individual needs of the Firm’s clients without breaking their budget.

In our modern business environment more people are able to work for themselves and with close-knit groups of colleagues and employees. These entrepreneurs and businesses have the same need for legal counsel as their larger counterparts but hiring a lawyer to work In-House on a full-time basis is unnecessary. At the same time, paying excessive hourly rates for each and every legal need makes little sense too. The Goodheart Firm’s In-House Counsel “On The Go” service can solve this problem for its clients through flat-rate project based billing or a reasonable retainer so your business knows the cost of its legal counsel before it happens.

The Goodheart Firm is on-call to counsel its In-House Counsel “On The Go” clients on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis and at any time. Your business will never have to hesitate to call its attorney again or forego receiving counsel because of the fear of unknown and excessive cost.

The Goodheart Firm’s In-House Counsel “On The Go” service specializes in providing counsel for the following:

  • Important business decisions
  • Contract review, drafting, interpretation and enforcement
  • Demands for payment
  • Negotiations
  • Insurance coverage analysis, revision and recommendation
  • Risk and liability management
  • General business and partnership disputes
  • Litigation: We are prepared to and will file a lawsuit on your behalf if necessary; and we are also experienced in providing counsel for litigation administration and oversight.

The Goodheart Firm’s In-House Counsel “On The Go” clients are leaders in the following industries: media/advertising, real estate development, internet marketing, construction, stock trading and individual entrepreneurship.

Contact Us Today to find out how In-House Counsel “On The Go” can work for you! The Goodheart Firm is committed to getting to know you and your business in order to deliver the highest level of service and legal counsel.